Found here will be windows based computer applications I have found useful over the years. Some may be from untrusted sources. BE CAREFUL and use them at your own risk!

Only run these apps in a sandbox or virtual machine.
I use and recommend VM Workstation.

$2.50 each Airbag Service Tool
$5.00 each Chrysler J2534 Legacy Flash Tool
$5.00 each ECU Repair Help Guide
$2.50 each EDC17 Immobilizer Service Tool
$5.00 each EFFI 2.7.2
$25.00 each IMMO DOCTOR V2.1 with KEYGEN
$2.50 each Immobilizer Service Tool v1.0
$5.00 each ImmoOff17 - EDC17 MED17 EEPROM IMMO DISABLER
$5.00 each Service Manual - Dodge Ram 2001
$5.00 each Service Manual - Dodge Ram 2004
$5.00 each Service Manual - Dodge Ram 2008
$15.00 each TachoSoft v23.1