Toyota & Lexus On-Board Programming Method #2

Programming additional Master Key (when 1 working master is present)

  1. Insert working master key into ignition lock cylinder.
  2. Get in car & close all the doors. (Do not lock them.)
  3. Turn the working master key ON (do not crank) to OFF five times. (finishing with key in the OFF position.)
  4. Open and close the Driver’s door six times quickly. (finishing with door closed.)
  5. Insert the new transponder key into the ignition.
  6. Turn the new transponder key to the ON position and leave it there for 1 minute.
  7. The security light usually will shut off at this time but not always.
  8. After the one minute the programming is complete. Make sure to test the new key to ensure it operates the vehicle.

During step 6-7 if the immo light is flashing then there is a problem with the key. Its either already programmed or incompatible. There are different flashes to say which is which but I dont remember the patterns at this time. Just know, it means there is no need to continue the process.