CARPROG adapter A4 PLUS direct solder for eeprom

$25.00 each Weight: 0.2 oz
Width: 1 in
Length: 1 in
Height: 1 in

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This listings is for 1 NEW custom made and improved carprog A4 adapter. (carprog not included.) 
A big draw back to using CARPROG for me was there was no good adapters included for when you wanted to remove eeproms from board and read them accurately. Since I absolutely hate to read eeproms in circuit with wire's, clips or pogo's, I designed this more effective adapter that allows for soldering your eeproms directly to a footprint for reading & writing SAFELY with carprog. 
Surface is Lead-free HASL and then I assemble with Lead-Free solder (Sn95.5/Ag3.8/Cu0.7 or REL22)

  • Breakout header with matching carprog color guide:
    Here you can use direct wires like original A4 cable or you can use a clip attachment. The pin-out is common for most all so-8 clip attachments.

  • DIP-8 Socket:
     For direct insertion of dip8 attachments or dip8 eeproms.

  • SOIC-8 Footprint:
     For direct soldiering of the most common type of eeprom chip we work with.

  • TSSOP8 4mmx3mm Footprint:
     For direct soldering of tssop and msop8 eeproms (very common on honda srs units).