EFFI 2.7.2

$5.00 each

EFfI Key Programming Software gives a second Life for Zed-Bull clone & Mini-Bull clones. 

1.- Finding PIN Code, preparing precoded transponders and programming transponders from EEPROM and MCU.

2.- Transponder Cloning.

3.- Producing Transponders for OBD Programming.

4.- Hitag2 Transponder Programmer.

5.- Additional function like:

- Reading kilometer, VIN number and key number information from original BMW key and writing to original BMW remote key.
- Finding PIN code from VIN number for HYUNDAI and KIA.
- PC software includes a wide-range transponder catalog, key fob procedures and more information.
- PIN code finding for 33 Renault and 45 Peugeot from transponder.
- Unlocking the 48(magic II) type locked transponder and make it re -usable.
- Saving transponder information into database including crypto transponders.


EFfI Zed-Full Second Lift Software Update Log:

Version 2.7.2(Current version)

-Added Module 172 – Hyundai KEFICO ECU

-Added Module 173 – Fiat, Alfa Romeo – Magneti Marelli BSI


Version 2.7.1

-Added Module 169 – Suzuki – Mitsubishi – immobox

-In the Module 61 support of new dumps is added

-Added Module 170 – Range Rover EWS4

-Added Module 171 – Fiat Dashboard Marelli/VDO


Version 2.7.0

-Added Module 163 and 164 – Piaggio bikes

-Added Module 165 – Suzuki immobox

-Added Module 166 – Proton immobox

-Made in the Module 150 calculation Pin Code.

-Added Module 167 – Tata – Minda immobox

-Added Module 168 – KTM motorbike – immobox ZADI(type 1)


Version 2.6.9

-Added Module 161 – Audi Magneti Marelli Dashboard

-Added Module 162 – SsangYong Ecu VDO

-In the Module 145 Remote support is added

-In the Module 114 MPC564 support is added


Version 2.6.8

-Added Module 158 – Jeep EZS

-Added Module 159 – VW Beetle Dashboard

-Added Module 160 – VW, Skoda, Seat VDO Dashboard

-In the Module 145 support of new dumps is added


Version 2.6.7

-Added Module 157 – Opel, Isuzu – immobox


Version 2.6.6

-“Image Generator” ID67, ID68, ID69, ID70 on ID4D

-Added Copying keys ID67, ID68, ID69, ID70 – No Tested!!!

-In the Module 98 support of new dumps is added

-Some modules are fixed.


Version 2.6.5

-In the Module 70 the new algo of calculation of Pin Code is added.

-Added Module 156 – Chrysler, Jeep immobox

-Possibility of the write “Component Security” is added.


Version 2.6.4

-Added Module 154 – Kia immobox

-Added Module 155 – Ducati motorbike – Immobox ZADI