***harness connector end**

PinCircuitWire GaugeWire ColorFunction
1K0120DG/RD*MAP sensor signal
2K0220TN/BK*Coolant temperature sensor signal
3A1416RD/WT*Automatic shutdown (ASD) relay power feed sense
4K0418BK/LB*Signal ground to sensors
5Z1116BKSignal ground source from top rear of engine
6K0618VT5V power supply to MAP sensor and TPS
7K0718OR8V power supply to ignition reference sensor
8---Not used
9A2114DBIgnition "start"/"run" power feed
10---Not used
11Z1216BK/TN*Power ground source from top rear of engine
12Z1216BK/TN*Power ground source from top rear of engine
13---Not used
14---Not used
15---Not used
16K1118WT/DB*Fuel injector driver output
17---Not used
18---Not used
19K1918BK/GY*Ignition coil driver output
20K2018DGAlternator field coil driver output
21---Not used
22K2218OR/DB*Throttle position sensor (TPS) signal
23---Not used
24K2418GY/BK*Ignition reference sensor signal
25D2120PKSerial communications interface (TX)
26D0120VT/BR*Serial bus B+
27C2018BRA/C damped pressure switch signal
28---Not used
29K2918WT/PK*Brake pedal switch signal
30T2420BR/LB*Neutral safety switch signal
31C2720DB/PK*Radiator fan relay output
32G0320BK/PK*Check engine lamp output
33V3620TN/RD*Speed control servo output (vacuum)
34C1320DB/OR*A/C cutout (WOT) relay output
35K3520GY/YL*Exhaust gas return (EGR) solenoid output (California only)
36---Not used
37---Not used
38---Not used
39K3918GY/RD*AIS motor output (winding 2)
40K4018BR/WT*AIS motor output (winding 1)
41K4118BK/DG*Heated oxygen sensor signal
42---Not used
43G2120GY/LB*Tachometer signal to instrument cluster
44---Not used
45D2020LGSerial communications interface (RX)
46D0220WT/BK*Serial bus B+
47G0720WT/OR*Speed/Distance sensor signal
48V3120BR/RD*Speed control switch set signal
49V3220YL/RD*Speed control switch on/off signal
50V3320WT/LG*Speed control switch resume signal
51K5120DB/YL*ASD relay output
52K5220PK/BK*Purge canister solenoid output
53V3520LG/RD*Speed control servo output (vent)
54K5420LG/WT*Power transfer unit (PTU) unlock output
55---Not used
56---Not used
57---Not used
58---Not used
59K5918VT/BK*AIS motor output (winding 1)
60K6018YL/BK*AIS motor output (winding 2)