Welcome to www.autoelectronics101.com

I will (finally) be updating this site with the different resources I have collected relating to locksmith work and automotive repair. I have several terabytes of things collected over the years. Be sure to check back often for new content!

Content Currently Adding:

  • Automotive wiring diagrams
  • Automotive repair guides
  • J2534 flash calibrations
  • In-Circuit BDM, JTAG Connections
  • Automotive eeprom & flash memory dumps
  • Airbag clear and crash compare files
  • Locksmith related guides
  • Bin file decoding(finding pins, keys, sync codes, etc)
  • "HOWTO" articles & videos

Many things will be accessible freely or with a free registration. Some things will require a small fee.

This is currently a side project but the more the user base grows the more I will add and improve the site.

Thanks for visiting.


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